LimeSDR-USB type RX bandwitdh


We are testing the LSM7002 receiver using the limeSDR-USB type A board, and the provided GUI (on Windows 10).

Is it possible de receive a signal and display the FFT with 60 MHz of bandWidth?
The maximum we could achieve was 7.5 MHz ( Nyquist frequency).

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Did you see this thread: Case dimensions? RF switching time? Bandwidth>60MHz?

It’s possible, although FFT depends not as much on bandwidth but on sample rate (which could be up to 60 Msps, so you are fine). Personally I would use GNU Radio and LimeSuite Source/Sink blocks for this. Also don’t expect that FFT will work particularly fast for 60M samples. On my laptop I get about 1 frame per 2 seconds.

Thank you for your answer.
1 or 2 frames per second would be fine fine…

We just can’t configure the chip to 60 MHz…
We started from example.ini and try to modify the regiters setting to reach 60 Mhz, but with non success…
RxTSP(MHz) is no going higer than 30 Mhz.

What is the procedure or the register configuration to reach 60 MHz of bandWidth on RX?

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Sorry for asking, but any chance you are using LimeSDR Mini?