How to increase Bandwidth of Lime SDR

Hello everyone,
I am Ruman Ahmed and doing undergrad senior project with Lime SDR. I am new here in this forum. As I know the Bandwidth of Lime SDR is 60 MHz approx. Still I didn’t get 60 MHz of Bandwidth. Now my project requires at least 120 MHz bandwidth. I would like to know is there any way to increase the bandwidth by making some hardware or software changes? Or may be adding some component with this SDR. I would really appreciate if I get some reply. Thanks

What OS?

you can set 100Mhz bandwidth … 60Mhz BW is needed to reach LF …

try a sample rate of 3,000,000 and BW of 100Mhz with a decimation of 2 … to start out with.

Hi Kc7noa
Thanks for your suggestion. My operating system is Linux Ubuntu. Actually I am trying to capture signals avialeble from 900 MHz to 1000 MHz on my project. So I am concentrating RX part only. I configured as your way, still didn’t get the desired output.

what about using 2 receivers of the lime … each with 50 megs bw?!? could that solve your problem??
dg9bfc sigi

You can’t. Both RX use the same LO.

yes same lo … but can you use lo and above on one receiver and using lo and BELOW on the second receiver?? (that is also what we would have in a nomal iq mixing ::: BUT NOW VERY WIDEBANDED)

Are you talking about digital NCO mixing? If so initial analog bandwidth will not change.

@modimo isn’t the analogue bandwidth double the digital bandwidth ie 120MHz? I’ve been wondering about increasing the bandwidth as well using NCO if possible.

Analog bandwidth can be 120MHz but for what i know you can sample maximum bandwidth 60MHz using internal ADCs. You can use NCO but only with correctly sampled band. If you set filters for 120MHz bandwidth and sample with 60MSps the rest will be aliased. Correct me if i am wrong but 120MHz bandwidth is only possible with analog interface using external(additional) ADCs.