Limesdr mini with SDRsharp

I tried limesdr mini with Jocover Sdrsharp plug in and I have many errors choosing limesdr plug in sdrsharp…

I retreive plug in throught

I tested different sdrsharp version with same errors

Is limesdr mini compatible with this plug in, Is there any developpements ?

Are you interested by my errors ?

Doesn’t look to have been update in a little while. Are there any plans to, @jocover?

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If I look at the timestamp on the dll file in that zip archive, it is from the 4th of July 2017 - that would correspond to SDR# r1578. The current version of SDR# is r1666, that is lot of changes, 88 different releases. July 2017 was before the LimeSDR mini was added to crowdsupply in September. So unless jocover was sent an early pre-production board, I would be amazed if the plugin worked.

hope it could be update for TETRA decoding plug in

I too just tried on sdrsharp 1666 with that plugin.
it sees a “LimeSdr” but it does say “LimeSdr-mini”
when I try to open settings I just get errors

I doubt it would work, but the sources are on GitHub if someone would like to attempt to update them.


Hi all,

I recently got my LimeSDR Mini and decided to have a play. I quite like SDRSharp and was disappointed when I discovered that the plugin by Jocover didn’t work anymore.

Anyway, I’ve spent most of today playing with his code and have adapted it to work with the Mini. I’m not finished yet as I have a few annoying bugs.

The setup dialog works and you can start the radio, but once you stop the radio you can’t restart it. Investigating…

The other odd issue is that I see a load of spurious signals around 100 MHz. These have been reported elsewhere, so I’m not sure if this is something I can fix. Perhaps the Lime needs some very specific config, again, investigating…

Once I’m happy with the build I’ll publish it

Here’s a screen shot showing the spurious signals at around 100 MHz.


I could beta tester , any news ?

Almost there…

I’ve been away on business but will now tidy up and publish my version of the plugin. I’ve pretty much rewritten it from scratch in order to get it working reliably.

I’m now know that the spurious signals I see at 100MHz and the associated spikes above and below and at other locations in the spectrum are nothing to do with my plugin or the LimeSuite.dll. In fact, I also see these artefacts in the LimeSuite GUI tool when using their live FFT plot.

These don’t appear to be USB3 related (none of my other SDRs display these when using USB3 or 2. I’ve also tried using different laptops and desktops, all to no avail). It might be that I have a defective Lime Mini, although others also report seeing these artefacts. The investigation continues… They’re annoying and a little off-putting with respect to the Lime SDR.

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Like to contribute but unfortunatelly (as far as I know) SDR Sharp plugin development needs the SDRSharp API which is not available as an open API (need surely to contact author). So helping only on reviewing code (without testing) is not very easy.
Good luck.


The API is reasonably easy to deduce from the various plugins out there, I think I have it sussed out and it does now seem to work reliably.

Annoyingly, I’ve been a bit distracted (hence my delay) trying to track down the spurious 100 MHz artefacts and associated harmonics. If it’s of interest I’ve posted an update on this here,

What happens in the Lime GUI FTT Plot if you change the RX Lo frequency in small e.g. 100 kHz steps . Does the interference remain at 100 MHz or is it shifted by multiples of 100 kHz?

Hi Cornie,

Some screen shots…

The first starts with the LO set at 101.00 Mhz (to avoid being at the centre, the spurious signals can be seen at the -1 marker), then 101.10 MHz, then 101.20 MHz and finally a bigger jump to 101.50 MHz. The spurious signal appears to stay at 100 MHz.

Have you always been selecting 10 MSPS ?
For troubleshooting, at least until you have narrowed down the exact cause, I would try and avoid sample rates that are factors of 100 (MHz), so 1,2,4,5,10,20,25 or 50 MSPS.
Is the effect reduced if you select a sample rate of say 12MSPS ?

Oh, and is there a similar spurious signal at 90MHz, 50MHz or 200MHz or is it just at 100MHz and nowhere else ?

Is there any news of limesdr with sdrsharp ?
My goal is to listen to TETRA though Sdr sharp tetra plug in .

Would be nice


Any news on this? If you need help in testing, I’m available :slight_smile:

I am also interested in this plugin. Please let us know how we can help.

I have this plugin working with my Limesdr Mini and SDR# v1.0.0.1672. When installed, you have to check that the Limesdr is detected in the front-end Configuration menu (the cogwheel icon)

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that is fine good news

I have to understand how to have the SDRSharp.LimeSDR.dll . Once you have to copy the limesdrsuite.dll in sdrsharp directory
Working fine except with TETRA decoder dll . Signals are goods but no modulation display in TETRA plug in

SDRSharp.LimeSDR.dll is found in

I’ll still have to try with the TETRA decoder.

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