Limesdr mini with SDRsharp


Thank you for your work.
I installed the plugin successfully but i’m not able to see my Limesdr mini in the settings menu.


Add this file to SDR# root folder


The same problem here. The tetra plugin works fine (audio decoding included) when using a RTLSDR-Blog v3 dongle but it doesn’t seem to work with the LimeSDR plugin (the WFM audio is not muted and no decoded calls are heard).


just received my LimeSDR mini and trying to use it with sdr# ver. 1672.
I copied SDRSharp.LimeSDR.dll from Goran repository to my sdr# directory but when I start it LimeSDR is not within the sources recognized!
any help is appreciated!!!

i2NDT Claudio


Claudio, did you follow instruction from github? Did you add line for LimeSDR into frontend config file and copy Limesuite.dll into SDR# folder?


thanks Goran: now it works!
the first time I visited I didn’t see the .DLL…
now I have to find out how to set the 4 gain settings!

i2NDT Claudio