LimeSDR-Mini SetFrequencySXT error in octave

I was trying to run the ASK demo program given here.

I am getting a programming error above. My device is LimeSDR-mini running on the latest version of octave (v7.1.0). I also connected antennae to both the TX and RX of the same device.

The same thing, I am able to do it in LimeSuite GUI:

[21:41:06] INFO: Disconnected control port
[21:41:16] INFO: Reference clock 40.00 MHz
[21:41:16] INFO: Connected Control port: LimeSDR-Mini FW:6 HW:2 Protocol:1 GW:1.30 Ref Clk: 40.00 MHz
[21:41:29] INFO: SXT frequency set to 866.000000 MHz

In the end, I am supposed get modulated signal. All I am getting is noise.