Lime SDR Mini .wfm file


Hi. We are doing graduation projects with Lime SDR Mini. For project we use Octave GUI. We found this workshop ( ) which was done using by Lime SDR-USB. We simulated octave demos with Lime SDR Mini. Beacuse of not having DDR, Waveform can’t be uploaded to Lime SDR Mini. Is there any way that we can upload this .wfm file to Lime SDR Mini?(For example, if we change the address where we upload device’s RAM to computer RAM from the source code, can we get success. Also is it possible. ) I’m sharing Octave result for ASKdemo following this post.
Note: If we upload the .wfm file to Lime SDR Mini, Can we take better results?
Thanks in advance.


As far as I’m aware it would mean implementing a waveform player in software on the host. There is not anywhere on the LimeSDR Mini for it to be uploaded to.