LimeSDR Mini Intermittent Transmission - Request RMA

I have been trying to use my LimeSDR Mini (purchased on 27th February 2019) with the Portsdown DATV transmitter and also the DATV Express transmitter. The device will start to transmit in both systems but after a short time it will develop short breaks in the output signal. These dips in the signal can be seen on my spectrum analyser.
I have tested my equipment with a friends LimeSDR Mini and it works perfectly.
In addition I have tested my unit on my friends system and the fault shows up in the same way.
My Lime Mini passes the LimeQuickTest and is at Firmware version 6 Gateway 1.29.

Requesting RMA

Hi Arthur,

Sorry to hear that.

@Zack, anything else to suggest trying before we arrange an RMA?

Have no idea. According to Arthur, the board passes Quick Test.

Try putting a fan on it?

Worth to try.

OK, just wanted to check you didn’t want to attempt downgrading gateware etc. first before arranging an RMA.

Have wondered if this could cause problems if the Portsdown RPi image — or indeed any containerised app or just O/S — has a version of Lime Suite not matched to the loaded gateware version.

Hi all
The device has a fan fitted and keeps very cool. The fault will show even when first powered up from cold and is not a heat issue.
Regards Arthur