LimeSDR-Mini failing loopback & weird interference around 100MHz


My LimeSDR-Mini seemed to be working fine on arrival and I was happy with it but I’ve since seen increasing evidence of something being wrong. First, when I managed to get a console program working to call the LimeSuite API, I saw ‘failed to lock’ every time in the output blurb. As things seemed to work, I ignored it. Now, at least one half of the LimeQuickTest loopback test is failing every time, and (w/o any change of PC, USB port, software or (roof-top) antenna) there’s weird (BPSK like!) interference around 100MHz which is ruining BFM reception. None of my RTL SDRs do this with everything else the same, and my Lime didn’t used to do it.

(I know the signal strength is high but the interference is there even w/o an antenna connected, and with all gains set to minimum.)

Anybody seen this/got a fix? Or has my Lime gone sick?

Hello @RobH,

It looks like RF In or Out is failing. Check with CS if replacement possible.

Thanks for the confirmation @Zack. I’ve sent an e-mail to Crowd Supply via their web site. I’m used to a 1 year guarantee on stuff but I’ve no idea if Crowd Supply provides one. I’ve used my Lime a fair bit but I’ve certainly not abused it. I’ve got lots more I want to do with it.

Hi @Zack. I tried e-mailing Crowd Supply. On the second attempt I even received a reply with a ticket #. I immediately sent the screen grabs (2 weeks ago) and have heard nothing back. I sent another e-mail…and have heard nothing back. I’ve e-mailed Lime themselves (I live within 20 miles of their UK office)…and have heard nothing back. Do you have any influence?

Hi @RobH,

Let me check, sorry for inconvenience!