[Solved via RMA] LimeSDR-Mini, Can't TX and QuickTest Fail, but I can pick up some things

I’ve been reading the other stories on this board with no luck and I’m losing my mind I think.

I got my LimeSDR Mini with the aluminum case last week and I’ve been excited to use it, over the past week I’ve been trying to get it working.
I am able to receive law enforcement, my keyfob and my wifi. But I can’t seem to receive Broadcast FM and NWS. I also can’t seem to hear any transmissions(Tested with a Baofeng, I can receive it but can’t talk to it.)

LimeQuickTest also fails on the last step.

->Start time: Sun Mar 31 21:58:46 2019

->Device: LimeSDR Mini, media=USB 3, module=FT601, serial=1D4C2F54C211BB, index=0
  Serial Number: 1D4C2F54C211BB

[ Clock Network Test ]
->REF clock test
  Test results: 40453; 53650; 1311 - PASSED
->VCTCXO test
  Results : 6711028 (min); 6711188 (max) - PASSED
->Clock Network Test PASSED

->Read data: 13 02 0C 13 02 0C 02

[ LMS7002M Test ]
->Perform Registers Test
->External Reset line test
  Reg 0x20: Write value 0xFFFD, Read value 0xFFFD
  Reg 0x20: value after reset 0x0FFFF
->LMS7002M Test PASSED

[ RF Loopback Test ]
->Configure LMS
->Run Tests (TX_2 -> LNA_W):
  CH0 (SXR=1000.0MHz, SXT=1005.0MHz): Result:(-70.8 dBFS, 0.02 MHz) - FAILED
->Run Tests (TX_1 -> LNA_H):
  CH0 (SXR=2100.0MHz, SXT=2105.0MHz): Result:(-63.8 dBFS, -0.23 MHz) - FAILED
->RF Loopback Test FAILED

=> Board tests FAILED <=

Elapsed time: 5.02 seconds

I’m not sure what’s off. I’ve tried 4 different laptops of varying age and made sure I updated the firmware(LimeSDR-Mini_HW_1.2_r1.29.rpd)

Hopefully I can get a solution :slight_smile:

That doesn’t look right. @Zack anything else to suggest or RMA?

It looks like RF stage is dead, RMA.

Hi @jordan32710

I have got a similar problem with the loopback test failed. There is something damaged on the RF side or maybe the LMS7002.

Only -56 and -46dBs, must be more than -20.

Could you with LimeSuiteGUI run the FTT tool. Set up SXR Frequency at 100Mhz and run the FFT tool.
See mine below.

Do you have a signal at 100Mhz?

If you have a spectrum analyser could you connect the Lime RX to the spectrum analyser and check if you have some signal coming out?

I sent a similar post " Lime mini: RX issue with 100MHz and harmonics"


I had to unplug my lime a few times to get it past a tuning error(SX VCO Tune Failed)

I’ve also sent in a RMA request a few days ago with no response yet, I plan to call them shortly after this post to check on that.

UPDATE: Crowd Supply responded, shipping out my LimeSDR tomorrow afternoon

I got a replaced LimeSDR mini back today, so far things are looking great. I haven’t had much time to toy around with it but the quick test is promising and I was able to receive broadcast FM!

good for you.
too bad they not this kind to me.
all they tell me is its bad.
i used Tx like a total of less then 10x and that was quite some time ago.
i never had a problem until i did a fresh install of ubuntu and i updated limesuite and the limesdr-mini firmware.
i get the cold shoulder but sure am glad you got your problem resolved.
not trying to hijack thread but i seeing this same problem everywhere all of a sudden while this problem never happened before at this large scale.