LimeSDR MATLAB Interface

Hello everyone,
I am trying to follow the instructions from
GitHub - jocover/Simulink-MATLAB-LimeSDR: Simulink blockset and MATLAB functions to interface with LimeSDR

                          Now at some stage i get the following error:

                         >  Error using loadlibrary (line 418)

Failed to find libLimeSuite_thunk_pcwin64.dll. Check path().
Error in ==>libLimeSuite__proto at 69
There was an error running C:\Users\VINAYAK
Run libLimeSuite__proto from the command line to reproduce the error and fix it.

Error in limeSDR/load_library (line 190)
[notfound, warnings] = loadlibrary(‘LimeSuite’, @libLimeSuite__proto, ‘alias’,

Error in limeSDR (line 218)

Caused by:
Error using libLimeSuite__proto (line 69)
Failed to find libLimeSuite_thunk_pcwin64.dll. Check path().

So i have been trying to find the missing .dll file from the internet by doing a google search. But there is no luck yet. Does someone have an idea how to get it? Really fast?

Thanks a lot,
Vinayak Anant Karandikar