LimeSDR Matlab support

Hello. I see that matlab has support packages for rtl-sdr, ettus usrp and other software defined radios. Is it possible to contact them to support LimeSDR too? Thanks.

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AFAIK there is no Matlab support just yet, but there is for GNU Octave.

of course, LimeSDR will support matlab and simulink

Any news about this?

There already exist modules that work with Mathlab/Octave that can read in captured files.

Although not simulink, it will support a very large number tasks which people do using SDR in Matlab/Octave.

And since the source code for LimeSDR is open source there is nothing stopping you, if you really need it, from writing your own simulink driver, info here:

Someone has written a simulink module for the HackRF, so it is not like there is no example code.

matlab work fine.
now, I write simulink support code


@Jocover, good to hear your progress, great, thanks.:relaxed:

Nice! Is the code available somewhere?

simulink work fine
I will pubile sourcecode on github


Thanks! When you publish it, let us know!

Hi, this looks very interesting. Very nice work. It opens up a lot of opportunities for experiments.

How is the definition of “limeSDR” used in the code done? Can it be shared?

Any drivers needed for using LimeSDR with Matlab? If so, where can they be found? Nothing on Mathworks web site as of today.

I publish it on github


Thanks @jocover. This is great.

Thanks a lot for this, Jimmy!

I still have some questions to access the LimeSDR board. (they might seem silly questions but please note I am a newbie).

I am using windows 7. and I just cloned the files in a folder (test_matlab_limesdr). However,

  • do I need to compile LMS7Suite software to use matlab with the board?
  • I can see in an example above that you define the device by “dev=limeSDR”. I try the same and get an error with finding some lib files (error: Failed to find libLimeSuite_thunk_pcwin64.dll. Check path().)
    Note that the error occurs in line 43 in libLimeSuite__proto.m file

I would greatly appreciate if you could guide me through using these MATLAB plugins.

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libLimeSuite_thunk_pcwin64.dll file

or you can using limeSDR.build_thunk command to build thunk file

you need build LimeSuite.dll
this is my LimeSuite.dll!aVlWkC6D!OttEOrOaUo0ajOscHCKj4R8_HXU8zuzzS8hISQhNMeg

Simulink support you need add MATLAB System block and choose limeSDR_Simulink.m file

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Sorry, but not much of success yet :((
I build the Limesuite.dll and add the lms7suite to matlab path.

The first link I still have problem (libLimeSuite_thunk_pcwin64.dll)
I could not download the link. I tried the limeSDR.build_thunk command but I get “No supported compiler or SDK was found”. I install the MinGW-w64 C/C++ add on but no success yet :((

In the meantime, would it work if I have “libLimeSuite_thunk_pcwin64.dll” file?

thank you for pcwin64.dll file.
I still trying to connect the board using MATLAB but I get “no connection object”. Please see attachement.

Note that I have connected the board to my usb and made sure it is connected using lime7suite. (attachement


any idea what the problem could be from?

try to upgrade FX3 firmware and FPGA

my limesdr version hw:2 fw:2 gw:1 gw_rev:20

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Just to add that in addition to upgrading the FX3 firmware and FPGA gateware, you should make sure you have the latest build of Lime Suite and will probably need to run the install script again for the udev rules, as the VID and PID changed.

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