LimeSDR LoRa Implementation

Hi there,

I’m new to SDR world and started learning with LimeSDR. I’m working on a project to implement LoRa modem with LimeSDR. But instead of pothos I’m using GnuRadio using gr-lora module.

Now, problem is, Lime-TX side is working properly as observed from wx_gui_fft sink.

But my receiver Lime doesn’t receive any signal. I tried another grc just to capture the signal using LimeSource > WX_Gui_FFT. Nothing in the FFT.

In original gr-lora projects, he used USRP, I just replaced the usrp block with limeSDR.

Can anyone share some ideas what might be the problem?

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Just bouncing the post if anyone can help me or share some suggestions. As a beginner in RF world, I have no clue why there is no signal received by RX.
This is another test with different LoRa parameters : SF-7, BW-125K, CR-4, HeaderOFF. I’m using LimeSDR Mini for both TX and RX

Maybe you should first make sure that the signal is actually received through a program like sdrsharp / sdrconsole, etc.
And since this is a fortune-telling on coffee grounds, too many variables can affect the reception.

For example, I do not see your in / out channel settings.

I haven’t started gnuradio for a very long time, but my LimeSuite rx / tx gr block even looks different from yours. I have gnuradio from the PothosSdr kit.


Hi Andrei @netdog

Thanks for your reply…the previously attached gnuradio was in Ubuntu installed from apt (gnuradio 3.7). For some reason, the gr-lora gnuradio block does not working correctly with the LimeSDR. I’ll dig into that later…

However, I was able to simulate Lora with LimeSDR using Pothos today. Happy to get the pothos running in windows perfectly after few hiccups…

Though at first it feels intimidating to use Pothos, but after one or two program I started to like it…Looks like I’ll use this a lot than gnuradio :smiley:


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