LimeSDR and Pothos FM Demodulator

Hello everyone.

I have been trying to run a Pothos example, the one that does FM demodulation found here. In their readme they mention that

This demo application was tested with the RTL SDR USB dongle. Other devices should work, but may require sample rate and gain fiddling.

My problem is that I can’t seem to receive anything but noise, although I try to tune in various FM station frequencies. I have run the Quick Test and I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

I am using the LimeSDR (aluminum kit) with the antennas it came with. My platform is Windows 8.1 and I have installed the PothosSDR.

Below you can see a screenshot of the test run. Your help is more than welcome!

I am having error running your sample.

[22:01:37.225153] PothosFlow.MainWindow: Welcome to Pothos v0.6.0-PothosSDR-2018.01.11-vc14-x64
[22:01:37.307158] PothosFlow.MainWindow: Initialization complete
[22:01:50.111891] PothosFlow.GraphEditor: Loading D:/Downloads/simple_fm_demod.pothos
[22:01:50.120891] PothosFlow.GraphEditor: Error parsing JSON: illegal value

I had to make this adjustment to get the sample to run (but still not working as expected, I am receiving noise). Set device args in Soapy SDR Source to {“driver”:“lime”}

Did you make this adjustment?