Lime and pothos - does not work I get gibberish

Hey I just cant get my limeSDR to work in pothos flow, I get the follwing errors when I try to assign limeSDR to my Soapy SDR Source:

[14:08:04.415000] SoapySDR: LMS7002M register cache: Disabled
[14:08:06.211000] SoapySDR: RX LPF configured
[14:08:06.572000] SoapySDR: Cannot achieve desired sample rate: rate too low
[14:08:06.572000] SoapySDR: setFrequency(Rx, 0, 0 MHz) Failed
[14:08:06.572000] SoapyBlock: call setFrequency threw: Exception: SoapyLMS7::setFrequency() failed
[14:08:09.962611] PothosFlow.EnvironmentEval: zone[]: I/O error: RemoteProxyEnvironment::transact(): connection inactive - Remote environment crashed

Any1 has an idea on whats going on here?