Lime Suite GUI Temperature Check Very Wrong

I have been getting to play with my LimeSDR now that I have overcome the USB3 issue that I was having (issue with my motherboard not wanting to play nice). I was able to update the device with the latest images posted in another thread. Now, that I do a Read Temperature, it shows temperatures in the 400-900+C range. Seeing as this thing is not melting through my desk, nor are all the components desoldering themselves, I think we can be pretty comfortable that this is not correct.

Any ideas on this one, see the attached screen shot.

I am pretty sure that it is just in the base GUI. When I go into the Board Related Controls Module, it shows accurate and stable and in the area that I would expect to see on this device.

Thanks for reporting this. Logged an issue:

@andrewback thanks for getting this logged. One thing to note about the behavior is that if one keeps clicking on the check temperature button, you will see the temperature, apparently, swing very wildly and not be stable.

@Aeroengineer1, @andrewback
You have to read the temperature using “Board Related Controls” module. What you try in LimeSuite GUI main window, is a different thing. It is chip temperature which is not implemented yet.

I guess its data GUI issue, if its really board temp my house would have burnt down by now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad someone posted this issue. I was really concerned because the board I just received was really getting hot.
Where is the temperature measured on the hardware?
What is the expected temperature on a bare board / no case/fan/heatsink?
What is should I expect to read on the FPGA with an external probe?

My DAC value on the ‘board related controls’ was set to 127 (128 levels?) but I see the posted picture is at 125???