Questions Regarding Temperature Readout

Questions Regarding Temperature Readout under Modules/Board controls:

  1. Where is the temperature being measured?
  2. What is the Max temperature to avoid damage?
  3. Is there any automatic safety shut down for excessive temperature reading?
  4. Is there a way to read the temperature sensor via python or other application?

Not sure of the location on the board but here’s the part from the BOM.

Max temps. posted in other threads here.

Don’t know answer to 3 but temp can be read from LimeSuiteGUI.

@hTo137 Thanks for your feedback.

Which Temp sensor:
So is the temperature sensor the actual one being read by by LimeSuiteGUI under “Modules/Board controls”?
I ask this because it seem that on my LimeSDR it is the FPGA that seems the hottest part. Is it possible that the LMS7002 or the FPGA also have on board temp sensors that can be read?

Max Temperature:
I previous looked through all related threads but only saw ranges that others where reading under various scenarios. I didn’t see any MAX levels stated. Do you have a reference to this thread - I must have missed it.

I did see in the LMS7002 data sheet a value of 85-degee as maximum. Is this at the point of damage? Since the temp sensor is possibly at another place on the PCB it may give a lower reading than what is on the chip.

I have been using LimeSuiteGUI to read temperatures but was looking for alternate methods.

Looks like the temp sensor “LM75” is sitting next to the FPGA - which is probably an ideal place for it since this is the hottest area of the PCB.