.wfm files apparently cannot be loaded, to lime SDR mini, as @andrewback says here, it does not have DDR memory, so what is the use of this SDR??? Am I missing out on something?

It is a lot of use :slight_smile: DDR on the larger LimeSDR USB means that you can load a waveform into this and then play (transmit) it, without the host streaming samples. All it means if you do not have DDR — such as with LimeSDR Mini — is that samples must be streamed from the host (as with many other SDRs).

For most use cases you wouldn’t need DDR memory and it just came in useful with the LimeSDR USB tutorial series as it allowed you to generate a waveform with the minimum of software dependencies — simply using the LimeSuiteGUI to load a file into DDR memory, then play it.

If your application needs DDR memory, buy a LimeSDR USB. If you don’t know why you might need it, you probably don’t and it’s very likely that a LimeSDR Mini will suffice for your purposes.

Are there any octave code demos, for the mini, like the bigger board? Its been three days since I started as an intern, and have done NOTHING as of now. I need to know how can I stream samples from my sdr back to it, “samples I have written the code of, in octave”, need to carry out loopback basically, have the whole setup ready along with the antennas, etc, just need a Anything.m file to be able to stream something, ANYTHING!! pls help!

Replied on your other thread.