Just USB interface drivers

Good morning
I need to arrange a data logger.
I will use for now windows. I need to initialize the transmitter and the receiver with some proper frequency and send a limited amount of data.
My question is what to look for having the drivers and reference manual.
Thank You

LimeSuite examples should help in your case I think:

Thank You
I will begin …

Hi Zack
I am beginning.
Just help me.
I connect the board to PC after the installation of the drivers.
If I run QUICK TEST it works.
I have an initial problem here. If I connect the board directly in the USB port the test works. If I use a cable not any more. If I connect in the extension box also it does not work.
Does it needs the power supply?
Thank You

additionally It seems the suite for testing is not created.
Here is the configuration of the CMAKE.
Is it to change?

Hi everyone
A little attention. It is still not working after the installation of drivers and procedure with the CMAke.