J11 FPGA JTAG connector?

Are there any off the shelf connectors available to connect an Altera USB Blaster to the J11 JTAG mini connector?

If not available you might have to make your own conversion.

Of course, but I was wondering if the PCB designers had a particular conversion cable/connector in mind or if the developers have been using one for signaltap etc.

Not sure… @zack may have a link he could share if so.

We had no particular conversion cable in mind. We use a hand made 0.05in <–> 0.1in (pin-to-pin) converter cable (0.05in socket at the one end and 0.1in pinheader at the other).

I’m using one of these, with a normal 1.27 mm JTAG cable. Must be careful how the board is routed though:

Ok, thank you. I’ll see what I can find or make then…

Hi @zener
Here are the links to the parts if you decide to make your own cable:

  1. Header connector;
  2. 1.27mm pitch receptacle;
  3. Cable.


Is the above correctly routed? That’s the AdaFruit one right?

Yes it’s Adafruit and no it’s not ‘correctly’ routed - there’s nothing available that does a ‘proper’ conversion so this board must be hacked. Mine arrived today and it looks easy enough to do.