LimeSDR mini v2 Jtag FT2232H Connection advice

Hello All:

I have received my LimeSDR mini v2! Thank you all!!
I am a little new to the JTAG world and the connection to ECP5 Lattice devices.

I am trying to connect the jtag port and need some advice. I am following this article
Jtag mini

But I am a little confused of how to connect to the FT2232H-56Q mini module that I bought for this purpose.

I found this comment on the eeblog forum, eeblog link
In the post they say to connect the 4 pins to

Is there any more info on how to setup the FT2232H? I have found this link: FT2232H mini module. Is this the correct way?

Also, Does the LimeSDR v2 board have the pull up resistor for TCK? on the board? or do I have to connect that externally?

Then I can use the OpenOCD software to load the bit FPGA file? Am I correct in this? I am working from the Litex-boards project file from here. Litex Boards.
Or should I be posting this question there? (discord)

Sorry for the Noob Question, I am just nervous making connections of the new board and don’t want to blow up 400 to 500 hundred dollar board when I just got it! :slight_smile:

Mike K

That was written for Mini v1 and I’m not sure if it’s still valid, hence tagging @Zack to advise.