LimeSdr-Mini GPIO-Header-Connector


i will connect the gpio header with my bandpass filter and ptt controler.

Can anyone help me to find an header boardside connector for this micro SMD GPIO Header ?

Thax for any help
best regards Karsten

You need something like:

If your hardware need voltage translator:

Hello thanks for the response !

But an level converter 3.3v/5V i have already, but i don’t need the programmer header.

I mean the GPIO Header there is behind the FPGA/CPU and is used to switch the band pass filter.
this is an 10 pin +/- and 8 io pins micro SMD header … i can’t find an surface mounted header pin adapter for this format.

Thanky for any help in this case
regard best from berlin

I’m not clear what exactly you are looking for (I don’t own a mini) but did you check the BOM (Bill Of Materials) for the LimeSDR-Mini, that usually lists the supplier and part numbers even if it the component is a not fitted/placed/installed. Maybe consult the schematic for the LimeSDR-Mini with reference to the header label on the actual board.

e.g. header J4 and J5 are listed as being part number “M50-3600542” from the manufacture “Harwin Inc”, which is available as part number “952-1389-ND” from “Digikey” and both are labelled as NF (Not Fitted) on the schematic.

PCB header:
I found it in local store and after soldering added two previously mentioned PCB (adapter board -voltage translator).

Thanks for the link.