Implementation of a complete DMR base station using the LimeNET Micro


I’ve written a short page about the implementation of a somewhat ETSI compliant DMR base station using LimeSDR hardware and GNU radio (both LimeSDR-mini and LimeNET Micro were tested, latter was chosen due to possible standalone operation capability).

This software implementation leverages the FPGA timestamps that the LimeSDR hardware can provide in order to fully implement the TDMA nature of this ETSI standard. Gr-limesdr code is used in a slightly modified form and vendored instead of using the system package as a dependency, due to some small additions required for debugging.

Page is here: Implementation of an ETSI compliant DMR base station with the LimeNet Micro SDR working in TDMA mode (two inbound timeslots)

Since this is still very much work in progress, corrections and additions are welcome.