DMR tier III trunked radio BTS with the LimeNet Micro

Here is a short video starring the LimeNet Micro being used (tested with SDRTrunk) as a DMR tier III BTS in the 430 MHz amateur radio band:

Just a small note, the hardware is being used here as a peripheral instead of standalone due to the compute resources needed for this.
The trunked radio implementation is based on MMDVM and is entirely open source, will be released at a later date this year.

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And this page: Implementation of a DMR Tier III trunked radio Base Station Transceiver in Software Defined Radio now contains a more detailed description of the DMR tier III base station as used with the LimeNet-Micro and LimeSDR-mini hardware.

Please note that this is a pre-print version which may contain errors, so corrections are welcome if you consider them necessary.

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This is very cool indeed. Thanks for sharing details!