Lime SDR minimum bandwidth for NBIOT

We are not able to set Bandwidth below 2.5 Mhz using the Soapy API with Lime USB. Below is the error we see. API used is SoapySDRDevice_setBandwidth.
For our NBIoT Base station, we would need a 200 kHz Bandwidth configuration. Is that possible?

When we were experimenting, however by reducing the sampling rate (8 times) we were able to reach a bandwidth range of 800Khz in the output waveform. We could not go below this.
What is the relation between sampling rate to bandwidth variation on the Lime RF?

Hi @rohit.soni,

That’s expected, while this is lowest you can go with analog filters of LMS7002M.

Check LMS7002M datasheet sections “Interpoaltion” and “Decimation” on pages 9/10 for more information.