How can I configure sample rate on LimeSDR?

Hi everyone! Is there any way to configure LimeSDR via LimeSuiteGUI in order to use 2M sample rate for RX?

Of course you can configure LimeSDR via LimeSuiteGUI. Rx sample rate is set by configuring CLKGEN (to set ADC clock) and decimation (RxTSP). I don’t know if you have some chip configuration, but just to see how the sample rate is set, you can load initial configuration by clicking ‘Default’ button. After that go to CLKGEN tab and set CLK_H to 16 MHz and click ‘Calculate’ (ADC clock will be 4 times lower so 4MHz). Default decimation is 2^1, so final sample rate will be 2Msample/s. You can open FFTviewer and press ‘Start’. Data rate should be ~6MB/s as FFTviewer uses 12bit samples.
You can increase decimation in RxTSP tab by changing ‘HBD ratio’ (you need to click ‘Calculate’ in CLKGEN tab after changing decimation).

Why CLK_L is alway 0? I’m scanning 934-960MHz. Should I change something?

Even after you click Calculate button?

yes. I pressed Default button and then press Calculatem after this I got →

And I ought to use LimeUtil --update after most uses of grgsm_scanner, because I got error like:

Connected to [LimeSDR-USB [USB 3.0] 90706024A332D]
Gateware version mismatch!
Expected gateware version 2, revision 11
But found version 0, revision 0
Follow the FW and FPGA upgrade instructions:
Lime Suite - Myriad-RF Wiki
Or run update on the command line: LimeUtil --update

Hello @Y2Kot,

Sorry for delay!
Could you use the latest LimeSuiteGUI and update the firmware as well as gateware to check if the problem is vanished.

@Zack, I’ve updated LimeSuiteGUI and my board via “Programming”, but still no changes
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