GSM network at EMF Camp, 31/08 - 02/09 (UK)

Anyone in the UK and heading along to EMF Camp next weekend may be interested to hear that Lime is supporting the event with 16x LimeSDR Mini + Raspberry Pi powered base stations. Details at:

Also, Lime’s Principal RF Design Engineer, Dr Danny Webster, will be giving a talk on the Saturday:


well, it sure would be nice to get that install script or disk image

We just provided hardware and EMF are building up their own images with SIP integration into the rest of their telephony systems. Hopefully they will share a few details. However, it is documented on the Osmocom wiki:

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think this still has the bug explained in this post LimeSDR, GSM with omso

Looking forward to see how they are using LimeSDR with GSM

You seem to be using UHD and this is no longer the recommended method. You should be using osmo-trx-lms, which integrates directly with LMS API, without having to go via UHD and SoapySDR.

no, if you check this link you can see the command in the bug is (osmo-trx-lms)

this is why I currently still using the UHD until this bug is fixed