LimeSDR Capability

Hi All,
Quick (possibly stupid) questions here:
Is the LimeSDR capable to run as an LTE base station on its own without the need of a pc? Or can it only act as the RRH?
In reference to this video:

Is there a micro PC on the drone? Any idea on what wireless interface is used for backhaul?

I think GSM basestation can be installed on a RPi 3, not too heavy for a quadcopter.

But I am not sure in this video whether its flight controller is embedded in that ubuntu pc. If yes, the weight can be reduced and be more compact. And I’d like to buy one. :slight_smile:

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The LimeSDR must be connected to a host computer and then it is able to act as either a full blown base station — and indeed complete “network in a box” — or an RRH. It will not operate without a host.

IIRC the base station shown is a proprietary platform. It is not LimeSDR-based.

Thanks for the info Andrew!