LimeSDR Mini + Antenna Kit For Sale_ Europe

LimeSDR Mini + Antenna Kit + 3D printed Case For Sale_ Europe
Used one day
Price 200 euro + 10 euro shipping

It is for sale because the developers do not want to write a small instruction for how to install GSM stock
many people want to know how to do GSM stock , but only a few people managed to do this with difficulty !!!
they do not remember what they did step by step

I understand the developers make a demo video it’s good, it would be even better if there was a little instruction .

Sorry for my bad english

Please make that all for 150 euro and I am the buyer… (within EU)
Own/use 2 pcs of LimeSDR USB and need some further challenge with Lime products :wink:

There really aren’t any developers, we are the developers, this board was designed and sold as a development board.
Don’t throw in the towel yet, just get yourself a good Pothos/Gnu installation and try to replicate what others are posting, for these little boards YOU are the developer.
You’ll learn a lot and get to know what code you are running along the way.


not selling for 150 euros sorry

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I’ll probably try again, thanks

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The topic is no longer relevant

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There is documentation on the Osmocom wiki:

However, more recently the transceiver, OsmoTRX, was updated to use LMS API directly, hence removing the need for SoapySDR and UHD. The documentation will hopefully be updated soon to reflect this.

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What do you mean by “fake base station” ?

So you mean for illegal purposes? If so, I am afraid that you are asking in the wrong place.

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Is the board still available? Please PM me!