Exploring LimeSDR Capabilities for Amateur Radio Enthusiasts

Hello Everybody,

I am a passionate amateur radio enthusiast excited about exploring the capabilities of LimeSDR. I’ve recently acquired a LimeSDR Mini and am excited to jump into its features and potential applications. I am particularly interested in using it for digital modes, satellite communication and maybe even some experimentation with SDR-based repeaters.

Could the experienced members here share their insights on the best practices for setting up and optimizing LimeSDR for amateur radio purposes ? Any tips on software configurations, antenna setups or interesting projects that you’ve worked on would be greatly appreciated. Also, recommendations for resources or tutorials specifically geared towards ham radio applications with LimeSDR would be fantastic.

I already read this thread on the community https://discourse.myriadrf.org/t/limesdr-as-a-amateur-radio-transciever-react-native/450 but couldn’t get helpful insights.

Looking forward to learning from this knowledgeable community and contributing my findings as I progress on this exciting journey.

Thanks You


Whilst there are some good Windows PC applications (and Linux desktop applications) that can use the LimeSDR, there are also some very useful Raspberry Pi and touchscreen based applications.

The Langstone Transceiver (Version 2) works with the LimeSDR Mini and wil transmit and receive SSB, FM and AM anywhere between 30 MHz and 3.5 GHz: https://wiki.microwavers.org.uk/Langstone_Project

The Portsdown system is a Digital ATV Transceiver, but also includes a lot of test gear that uses the LimeSDR Mini: https://wiki.batc.org.uk/The_Portsdown_DATV_transceiver_system

Things to watch:

  • The LimeSDR Mini generates a lot of RF noise, and you need good shielding/grounding to keep this away from the receive input.

  • On switching to transmit in some applications, there is a 10 dBm+ calibration spike that can damage power amplifiers.

I have used them for Digital ATV, test equipemnt and voice communications for over 5 years. In fact my portable Digital ATV equipment is all built around a LimeSDR Mini.

Have fun

Dave, G8GKQ

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Hi @DaveG8GKQ,

Greetings from James,
Thank you so much for the detailed information and useful links. I’ll definitely look into the Langstone Transceiver and the Portsdown system for my projects. Your tips on RF noise and the calibration spike are invaluable. I’ll make sure to address those in my setup.

I’ve published several articles in the last two years on the topic of multiple access schemes and related DSP techniques, which involve LimeSDR hardware. They are mostly written from a GNU Radio perspective so YMMV. Also note that some of the practical implementation aspects may not be permitted by your amateur radio license, depending on your geographical location.

Also, Daniel Estevez’s blog is a must read resource on SDR topics: