Disabling AGC on LimeSDR-USB

Does AGC is enable by default?
anyone know how to make AGC disable?
Im trying to setup LimeSDR using PA+LNA and I need to make sure the AGC is not enable.

on the MCU AGC, the option only tick to enable it. but I believe the AGC is loop by default.

please help! Thanks.

Sandi / DUO

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AGC is disabled by default.

Hello again Ignas,
ok, I was think it was enable by default because I cannot turn it on at gqrx, but then I realize my LNA (BT200) is damage to use with LimeSDR-USB, so Im gonna buy again for replacement.

Does Myriad/LimeSDR has project of the PA+LNA? I know its not meet the crowd supply requirement for target reach, but is it possible to get it? :slightly_smiling_face:

curios about LNA4ALL gain to use in 900/1800mhz compare with BT200.


Here can measure LNA4ALL if you have the numbers for BT200 :wink:

How can one enable the AGC using the LMS API?

I’m not sure if there is a way to enable it via a API call. I’ve written my own after looking up how LimeSuite does it.

API_EXPORT int CALL_CONV LMS_ToogleAGC(lms_device_t *dev, uint32_t wantedRSSI, bool start)
    // See function int LMS7_Device::MCU_AGCStart(uint32_t wantedRSSI) in lms7_device.cpp
    if (dev == nullptr)
        lime::ReportError(EINVAL, "Device cannot be NULL.");
        return -1;
    lime::LMS7_Device* lms = (lime::LMS7_Device*)dev;
    if (start)
        double wantedRSSIdouble = (double) wantedRSSI;
        uint32_t wantedRSSIreal = 87330 / pow(10.0, (3+wantedRSSIdouble)/20);
        return lms->MCU_AGCStart(wantedRSSIreal);
        return lms->MCU_AGCStop();