AGC on LimeSDR mini

Hi All:
I am using LimeSDR Mini, I tried check the “Enable AGC” on TRX Gain tab on LimeSuiteGUI, But when I use SoapyUtil --probe to check the AGC is on or not, it shows that Support AGC : No.

Is anything that I am not aware, pls help.

Hardware: LimeSDR Mini V1.2
Software: LimeSuite 19.04.0-Release

Thanks you.


Both are right.

In the TSP Rx path of the LMS7002M chip there is the possibility of automatic gain control after the the signal is digital.

And I suspect that Soapy is stating that there is no Support for AGC along the analogue signal path.

Thanks you, Mzs,

I will check ,.


As far as I can see, the limesuite library does not have any high-level API function to enable/disable AGC, so applications and API wrappers will probably have to do this through register I/O.