How to enable AGC?

Is it possible to always enable AGC by default?

This is what I got when running: SoapySDR --probe="drive=lime":

-- Device identification

-- Peripheral summary
  Channels: 2 Rx, 2 Tx
  Timestamps: YES
  Sensors: clock_locked, lms7_temp
  Registers: BBIC, RFIC0

-- RX Channel 0
  Full-duplex: YES
  Supports AGC: NO
  Stream formats: CF32, CS12, CS16
  Native format: CS16 [full-scale=2048]
  Stream args:
     * Buffer Length - The buffer transfer size over the link.
       [key=bufferLength, units=samples, default=0, type=int]
     * Link Format - The format of the samples over the link.
       [key=linkFormat, default=CS16, type=string, options=(CS16, CS12)]
     * Skip Calibration - Skip automatic activation calibration.
       [key=skipCal, default=false, type=bool]
  Antennas: NONE, LNAH, LNAL, LNAW, LB1, LB2
  Corrections: DC removal
  Full gain range: [-12, 61] dB
    TIA gain range: [0, 12] dB
    LNA gain range: [0, 30] dB
    PGA gain range: [-12, 19] dB
  Full freq range: [0, 3800] MHz
    RF freq range: [30, 3800] MHz
    BB freq range: [-10, 10] MHz
  Tune args:
     * LO Offset - Tune the LO with an offset and compensate with the baseband CORDIC.
       [key=OFFSET, units=Hz, default=0.0, type=float, range=[-1e+07, 1e+07]]
     * BB - Specify a specific value for this component or IGNORE to skip tuning it.
       [key=BB, units=Hz, default=DEFAULT, type=float, range=[-1e+07, 1e+07], options=(DEFAULT, IGNORE)]
  Sample rates: [0.1, 65] MSps
  Filter bandwidths: [1.4, 130] MHz
  Sensors: lo_locked
  Other Settings:
     * TSP DC Level - Digital DC level in LMS7002M TSP chain.
       [key=TSP_CONST, type=int, range=[0, 32767]]