LimeSDR FPGA programming Quartus Project


I bought in September a Lime SDR in order to implement some projects I had in mind. Up to now, I have been using Lime SDR with Lime Suite or MATLAB. However, now, I want to be able to use the SDR without my computer and I do not know if this is possible. I was thinking about modifying the Quartus project in order to program the signal processing I am intending to do into the FPGA logics. Has anyone tried this? Is there a simpler way to use the SDR without a computer?
If editting the Qaurtus project is the way to go, I am having issues finding the RX bitstream in the Quartus project. I got all the FPGA code from Can anyone show me what I may be doing wrong?

I am very grateful for all your help:)


Hi @nachol2013,

Not sure what do you mean, but there are various flavors of compiled bitstreams:

Gateware description may be useful for you as well: