Can someone please test gr-ieee802-11 with limesdr?

Would someone with a working limesdr setup please see if you can successfully run the RX .grc example file that comes with gr-ieee802-11 in gnuradio? I’m interested if you can get frame detection working.

I was able to get the loopback example .grc working, and I can see what looks like a good IQ plot coming directly out of the Osmocom source, but the IQ plot in the gr-ieee802-11 example is just noise, or at least has a terrible SNR. It’s not able to detect any frames. Knowing whether someone else can or can’t get it to work will help me troubleshoot.

If you don’t have gr-ieee802-11 installed, it’s easy with PyBOMBS (if you’ve already installed gnuradio with PyBOMBS).
pybombs install gr-ieee802-11

I would be glad to check. But I have not managed to get gnuradio osmosdr block working with soapysdr support. What is your OS? How did you install osmocom block for Gnuradio?

Thanks Roman! I’m running Ubuntu. I got everything installed and working by following these steps:

If you’re on Windows, you can also try running the Virtual Machine that is linked further down in that thread.

I might give it a try next week but how old is gr-ieee802-11? Many of the modules need care to keep up with Gnuradio but they don’t get that care and stop working as other code changes.

It appears to still be under active development, the last commit was two weeks ago. However, according to this forum post by the author, some routers in 2.4 GHz use a variant of 802.11g that is backwards compatible with 802.11b and uses an unsupported preamble. That doesn’t sound too hard to add support for, but that might be one of the reasons I couldn’t get a frame decoded.


So you have it working now?

Unsupported by gr-ieee802-11 or unsupported by 802.11?