Another Aluminum Cases for LimeSDR-USB Type-A

As I mentioned in the prev post(link here), we had already designed an active cooling aluminum case for the LimeSDR Mini and working on the Type-A.

Now it is the time! we finally have our first prototypes, furthermore, we make it in 3 different styles.
For more information, check it here:

Comparison between different cases

Different views of Tetra

LED Indicator

Inside the case(Tetra)

Bottom and Top

I assembled mine yesterday. You claim this is CNC?? Are the people making it aware of measurements? Aree they just eyeballing these? The contact points for the top side heat sinks don’t even come close to the “mated” parts. It looks like an untooled aluminum cast to me!!! It had pits and scratches. The holes to mount the SMA were oversized. I complete piece of Junk!!! I can’t believe Crowd Supply even shipped this to me!!

I had to use EXCESSIVE heat compound in order to get any transfer. This is a real piece of junk and I believe you are only out to make a quick buck!

So disappointed at your fake product that I will not be ordering from Crowd Supply again!!

You should be ashamed of this product and throw the rest away!