2.4Ghz output measurements on LimeSDR Mini


I have checked the output of my LimeSDR Mini using both antenna setings in SDRAngel. The correct antenna setting for this frequency should be Hi, but Lo seems to have greater output.

The Hi setting output seems to align with an example I have seen from the LimeSDR USB, which I would assume is correct.

Any ideas why what is apparently the incorrect output should have an output level almost 10dBm greater than the correct one?

I have attached a table of my measurements using a cheap power meter. SDRAngel uses a dB output strength scale of up to 70, therefore 70dB = 100%

Thoughts would be appreciated



I believe the antenna controls in SDRAngel for the LimeSDR Mini are labelled incorrectly, I have done another test at 144 Mhz CW and get 18.8dBm on Hi and -0.6dBm on Lo

I used the graph in the linked information to confirm what I should be seeing:

Looks like my sheap chinese meter is pretty accurate!

Message left for Edouard in the SDRAngel groups.io page

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