limeSDR mini transmit output power

Hi guys, i was comparing limeSDR to miniSDR transmit output power, and only found limeSDR. As miniSDR has two TX channels, one TX: 10MHz - 2GHz frequency range and another one Channel 1 TX: 2GHz - 3.5GHz frequency range, where i can find transmit output power for lime sdr mini ? thank you

I do not know of any official graph that has been made public (yet), but Iā€™m going to guess that it will be extremely similar to any other board that uses the LMS7002M chip.

If you compare LimeSDR-USB output power vs frequency to the EVB7 development board output power vs frequency on page 37 (pdf warning). The values on both graphs are within a couple of dBm of each other.

EDIT: I found a graph that looks like the shape I would expect for the LimeSDR mini on an external website - the graph looks to be about 7dB lower than it could because the gains were not at maximum. But that is on the page if you interpret the presented information.

thanks for reply mzs, i opened output power vs frequency on page 37 (pdf warning) but my doubt is: which channel he uses for that graph ? because limeSDR mini has two tx output, with different frequency range. On the graph, both uses all frequencies. is this an error ?

It is not an error. Both channels can be used for all frequencies, they are just better at their respective bands.

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