Which of the 3 RX ports is actually attached to the antenna port on LimeSDR- Mini

So seeing as the Mini on has 1 SMA connector which of the 3 antenna setting should I use to actually use it.


RX1_W (wide) and RX1_H (high) are connected through matching networks. RX1_L is not connected but command is allowed (effect is like antenna is disconnected).

Is there any docs of what filters on those two paths?

Is it like the normal LimeSDR with annoying filter I have to play with to get the full range at a good sensitivity out of the device?

Also any idea about on Transmit?

Antenna As labeled on board Range In Software
TX1_1 TX 2GHz - 3.5GHz “BAND1”
TX1_2 TX 10MHz - 2GHz “BAND2”
RX1_H RX 2GHz - 3.5GHz “LNAH”
RX1_W RX 10MHz - 2GHz “LNAW”

in 3 RF Frequency Range

Hey look finally have 4 months that page has use-full information. (It use to have TBD in that section)

Thanks. That doesn’t answer the question of if I have to deal with balun in place not designed for those ranges. (Like on the full LimeSDR)