When will we be shipped, finally?

Hi Bernard,

I’m guessing you mean LimeSDR, hence I moved the post to this category. And in which case please see the last couple of updates:

If you would like to know if you are in the first 500, please contact Crowd Supply and provide details of your order number.



How big is the next batch and when is it expected to ship?

The batch following the first 500 is the remainder and this will ship in February, on a FIFO basis.

Thank you for the info.

It would be great if EU orders could be shipped from the UK in order to save some time.

It’s hard not to act like an inpatient cry-baby when you’re waiting for your new toy…

I’m afraid that all orders are shipped from the US and cannot be shipped from the UK. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

Dear Andrew
Even by adopting your application procedure with the order number and nice request, I did not get my postion number in the list nor when I would therefore receive my toy. Wishing to receive my SDR even before Christmas 2017, it would please me
Best regards
Bernard MALET

Hi Bernard,

I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do to help other than suggest you speak to Crowd Supply. They should know your position in the queue and I do not have access to this data. Any questions concerning hardware orders should be directed to the distributor, which in the case of LimeSDR is Crowd Supply.

These forums are for technical discussion/support and distributors have their own support channels.

I am concerned that it is 9 days into 2017, and still no tracking number and Crowd Supply hasn’t responded to me email. Yes, I ordered two of the original 500.

Relax, the boards just went out to Crowd Supply last week!

CrowdSupply representative responded to my request via web-site. I am in first 100 and should get board in first batch.
They assured me that every backer will get notification by email when board is shipped.

When will my LimeSDR be shipped? Crowd Supply is unresponsive. I ordered my first unit on 14 June, and my second a week later. It is absolutely critical that I know when these are being shipped, and when I can expect delivery, as I am moving at the end of the month! I am really not happy with the glacial pace and lack of communications from CrowdSupply.

@rwk I cannot tell you and only the distributor can. I will make an e-mail intro to Crowd Supply to see if we can get you an answer.

Hi Andrew,
Do you have any updates to share on the manufacturing / shipping status of the remaining boards (beyond the first 500)?

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Hi @e2jw there should be an update going out within the next few days on this — but soon :slight_smile:

Hello nice Andrew!
I want to inform you that you are the only one to answer
Even with my order number and nice requests, nothing
No answer
Information for all my friends, I have the number 32049 of June 21, 2016

Finally, I did well to open the topic “Delivery” of december 15 2016

Best regards

Bernard MALET

For example information about my order:
Order 30566 - Early Bird (Second Flock) - LimeSDR - LimeSDR: Flexible, Next-generation, Open Source Software Defined Radio
Backed on May 19, 2016
(origin delivery date: Ships on Nov 30, 2016)

Information about delivery date of my order from Crowd Supply: Your order hasn’t yet shipped, but is scheduled to sometime in February.


Joke this Thursday, February 2, 2017:

We would have had to place our orders before surely in 2015 or 2014 and especially, it would not have been necessary to place the order of the version “Early Bird”, because this is probably the version for poor users.
So the poor Backers can wait!

Financial problem Customs: (More than 20%, unnecessary) why not send the Limesdr version: free sample, at 0 € uro or $ USD, since they are already financed


Hi @Bernard, customs declarations will be completed in accordance with the relevant laws.

On the move… my item from the first 500 batch…