LimeSDR Shipping (est. July 15, 2018...) and Fulfillment

Greetings All,

Purchased a LimeSDR on June 18th with an anticipated ship date of July 15th. Crowd Supply’s order tracking info still has the 15th as the original and expected date but it’s still in pre-order status and has not shipped. I’m curious as to whether or not the boards have been produced and supplied to crowd supply. I do understand Crowd Supply is providing the fulfillment services, but they can’t fulfill an order until the product has arrived.

Where is the latest batch in terms of testing / shipping to crowd supply and what can I set as a reasonable expectation for delivery?


Historically (across all the different shipments I’ve seen over time - and I’ve seen 3 batches so far) they’ve ALL been late by a month (the least delay I’ve seen) to has high as 2 months (the worst delay). Limes don’t come up for sale that often because people are holding onto them for their development reasons, but I can tell you with high confidence that the wait you’re suffering now will be totally worth it when your Lime arrives. Just hang in there - CrowdSupply has been historically late with their shipments and no amount of pushing to Lime Microsystems will do any good - they’re out of that loop completely - they only help on the development side and the forum is a goldmine of info for the Lime.

73 de Marty, KN0CK

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Thanks for the swift reply Marty! I’m excited about getting it and actually bought a HackRFOne at the same time so I’ll at least have something to play with. I’m 100% sold on the community here and am looking forward to collaborating with and learning from you all.

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