Very weak reception and transmission does not work. Is my limesdr mini defective?


Sorry for not answering for a long time. So I installed a new system and drivers from source. Limesdr mini TX and RX now works fine with antennas.

LimeSDR mini - Problems with transmission

I also hope for a solution to my problem here. I recently started using a LimeSDR USB (no Mini) and also massive reception problems. Basically I try to receive FM radio only for the first time. With WFM Mono I can listen to music (poor quality), but with WFM Stereo I only have noise. The signal is obviously not very strong either. I tested both LNAL and LNAW with a different antenna cable and an ANT500. But it just doesn’t get any better. I tried this under Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.10 (VMware) - exactly the same.
The LimeQuickTest is now successful (at the beginning failed at the last test probably because of insufficient power supply).

Do I still have to adjust anything on the LimeSDR (calibration, firmware, etc.)?

The LimeSuite is much too complicated for me at the beginning, I am a beginner in SDR.



I have installed a new system and all the installers (twice), unfortunately that didn’t work at all. I still can NOT TX. I’m still looking for a solution.