Using APIs for LimeSDR Mini


Hi all,

Somehow my LimeSDR Mini is behaving weird while receiving WiFi data from a packet-spammer. I have used Bastian’s gr-ieee802-11 for implementing WiFi Rx flowgraph. It receives data when frame size is 1500 Bytes however when I reduce the frame size, it stops receiving. So I was thinking that instead of working with GNURadio, I will start working with APIs so that nothing remains unknown (inside a black-box like in GNURadio).

Could anyone point me in right direction as to where to start from, how to access APIs for LimeSDR Mini and possibly if I can obtain API for WiFi Rx as well.

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I don’t recall seeing documentation for the API.
There is one gotcha: start the LimeSDR’s receive channel first. And start the LimeSDR’s receive channel first when you want LimeSDR to transmit only.


Hi @IF3191,

LMS API documentation:


Thank you for the reply. I’ll go through the links and get back if needed.