LimeSDR Mini stops receiving after few iterations


I am trying to implement WiFi Receiver on LimeSDR Mini. I am capturing the samples on LMS API using basicRX provided with LimeSuite and then storing those samples to a file. Then this file is passed to GNURadio for processing which relies on Bastian’s WiFi implementation (
The issue I am facing here is that after running 2-3 iterations the data being captured by LImeSDR Mini is all lost due to corrupted data being received. For example, say I run basicRX for 5 seconds, store data in file and run it on GNURadio for decoding the data, I get some data after decoding. I get similar results when I do it in 2-3 consecutive iteration but after that on the next iteration all the data that is being received is corrupted and on processing in GNURadio is being discarded due to CRC fail.

Is this something to do with buffers not being cleared on LimeSDR Mini or port not closing properly? Could someone point me in right direction.

Thanks and Regards