TX1 vs TX2

Hi all!.

I am new into this forum but I have read a lot anonimously. I start a new Topic because i did not found anything about the problem that i think that i have with the board.

I think that the TX2 is broken but How can i test it with the Lime Suite or Gnuradio o Pothos? I have a Hackrf too to see the signal if we need.

What’s is the diferent between CHANNEL A and CHANNEL B in the limesdr and the BAND1 and BAND2 in the TxFE outpout selection in the TRF slide?

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Welcome, @rmaverick.

You don’t say anywhere and I’m guessing you are, but just to check: are you talking about LimeSDR?

Yep. Im talking about the limesdr

Thanks, set the category.

You can find Tx performance here:


I think A & B channels should be broadly the same.

Thx to category this topic.

On the other hand. I have connected the antennas to tx1_1 and tx2_1. So the performace shoulb be the same, but we i set the band1 in the osmocomsink emit more louder than when i set band2 in the same osmocom sink. Is that the correct way to select the the tx1 or tx2?

Any ideas?