Hi there.
In GRC, while BAND1 works wonderful, when changing osmocom sink tx output to BAND2 Lime seems to transmit nothing.
Do you know if there is any issue with osmocom -> Soapy -> Lime path regarding BAND2?


Yes I’ve seen plenty of issues regarding using both channels simultaneously and i suspect soapy drivers :disappointed: The only way around it is to work in Limesuite, unless you plan to modulate etc in which case it’s a dead end. I did try mentioning it to @joshblum who seems to be IC soapy. Then again, it could well be Osmocom.

Well, I’ve think remember that this was related to streams. TX1_1 and TX1_2 belongs to path A, and TX2_1 / TX2_2 belongs to path B. Configuring osmocom sink as 2 channels for accessing path B seems not to work to me.
Any gidance?

Log for information.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/ismael/dev/radio/gnuradio/”, line 208, in
File “/home/ismael/dev/radio/gnuradio/”, line 202, in main
tb = top_block_cls()
File “/home/ismael/dev/radio/gnuradio/”, line 104, in init
self.osmosdr_sink_0 = osmosdr.sink( args=“numchan=” + str(2) + " " + ‘driver=lime,soapy=0’ )
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/osmosdr/”, line 1416, in make
return _osmosdr_swig.sink_make(*args, **kwargs)
RuntimeError: Wrong device arguments specified. Missing nchan?

Actually, from memory, I don’t think there’s any issues using channel B on it’s own. Pothos is very similar to GNU radio and you might be able to glean some info from the layout below:

The same story for me. When I use BAND1 in osmocom sink, I get the strongest signal from TX2_H. When I use BAND2, I cannot get the same strong signal from any TX port.

could i get this file please…