Using two channels simultaneously

Hi! I*m using LimeSDR and have some issues while trying to use two channels simultaneously . The idea is to make a software that has to compare the phase of a signal in channels A&B in order to locate the emission object. At this point I am able to use only one channel (B does not work because it does not receive any data although the data is received in channel A. When I try to switch the channels and antennas - there is nothing ). Also two channels don’t work simultaneously. So the questions are:1) Does channel B work independently from channel A or is it dependent on channel A? How is data received? I mean, a separate data package for channel A and another one for channel B 2) What can be the options of turning channel B ? I used necessary methods from LimeSuite.dll but still it does not work as there is no data3) Are there any particular methods/functions that will “explain” the LimeSDR to use MIMO mode? If there is any, I would be glad to see an example at least. I downloaded the LimeSuite project from GitHUB, built in with Cmake, opened in Visual Studio 19 but it does not work that way. Also i was unable to reach the source code to compare what i am doing wrong.

In my experience chanel A and B are independent, only share same local oscillator. Both channels can work simultaneously resulting in two streams which can be combined for diversity mode for example.
Fastest way to resolve problem is to share your critical LimeSDR init code. Within Limesuite project you can find two channel RX/TX example:


Thank you for ther answer! Im going to compare my code now with what you have given. If i wont solve the problem i*ll post here my code as at this point i stuck to this issue.
Best regards, Vadym