Tx without Calibration

As I understand, LMS_SaveConfig should save all parameters from registers of LMS.

In order to avoid to calibrate at each time, after setting all parameters once (frequency,SR,Calibrate) I save with LMS_SaveConfig.
For next Tx, I load all parameters with LMS_LoadConfig. It nearly works, but it seems that IQ calibration is not saved as I could see a DC offset on the spectrum.

Is it the normal way of using it, is there an other method to handle it ?

Here are the results :
First transmission with calibration and SaveConfig

2nd transmission without Calibration but with LoadConfig

You’re right, the DC offset gets loaded from file into the register, but it does not take effect. LMS_LoadConfig needs to be updated to include some bits flipping to actually further load the values from registers into where they make effect.

Ok, thanks for confirming this issue.

Added an issue: