LimeSDR Mini Permanent Calibration?


I am sorry if this is answered somewhere in the documentation, but I spent some time to try and figure this out on my own, but failed miserably.

I am working with the LimeSDR and LimeSDR Mini boards and developing an application for them with GNU Radio.

I connect a Signal Generator( generating a sine wave at 433MHz) to the LimeSDR for calibration.
I open up LimeSuite GUI, set the frequency to 432MHz and use the built-in FFT Viewer to look at the signal received by the LimeSDR.
Initially without any calibration I can see the signal at +1MHz from the local oscillator as expected, but there is also a big SSB at -1MHz from the LO.

I then use the Calibrations Tab and manually tweak the settings until the SSB drops below the noise floor.

I was wondering, do these settings somehow get saved to the LimeSDR Board?
I seem to see that they always get reset to some default settings, and the SSB is back.
If not automatically, is there a way to save the Calibration Settings to the LimeSDR?

When working with the GNU Radio Companion LimeSDR Source Block, I don’t see any settings for IQ and DC offset Calibration, so does that mean that I cannot have my program run with a calibrated LimeSDR?


Calibration values are not saved in the board.
GRC initiates internal calibration procedure so your values get overwritten:

To add to @ricardas, calibration values will get overwritten each time you start the flowgraph but if you want to use your specific settings you could save .ini file from LimeSuiteGUI and use it in your LimeSDR Source Block.

Yes and no, it really depends on what you are doing, because dumping all the current registers values and uploading them all at a later date does not always put the LMS7002M back into the exact same state:

e.g. [LimeSDR-USB] Synchronization and Toggle TDD/FDD Mode - #5 by Zack