Transmit power for Band 1 LTE

I’m in the middle of testing LTE with srsRAN. I’m already successfully initiate LTE network with two cell phone complete with sysmocom usim. My problem was the TX power for band 1 LTE are so low, with approximately -30dBm. Is there any way I can increase the TX power so that I can drive it with the RF PA with minimum input power of 5dBm.
For the info, I’m using LimeSDR mini version 2

In short, no — you won’t get 5dBm modulated from LimeSDR Mini v2. You will need a driver stage, e.g. you could use a Mini Circuits amplifier module. Also when considering the power output of the PA bear in mind that you won’t be able to run it at the P1dB rated output, and due to the high PAPR of LTE signals you may need to back-off by as much as 8dB.

Thanks @andrewback for your quick reply. That’s mean I must get the RF pre amplifier / driver before I can feed it to RF amplifier. For your In formation I already do that. But it is hard for me to find the suitable RF pre amplifier with a large amount of gain since the LimeSDR TX power that’s too low.

For your information I already order LimeRFE but it is still ETD.

Verry good day Mr. Andrew. Below are my question regarding LimeSDR mini, I really appreciate if you can guide me:
1 - What is the maximum LimeSDR mini TX power for band1 - 2120MHz?, from my measurements it is too low. Do I needs to properly calibrated it using LimeGUI?
2 - Can I adjust PAD and IAMP value in order to play around the TX power via srsRAN enb.conf and Soapy?, some how Soapy already gives a constant value for PAD and IAMP gain value.