The best way to save IQ file from LimeSDR in Windows OS

I would like to save binary file for subsequent processing.
I am able to run Pothos GUI environment with simple flowgraph allowing me to tune to the frequency and change the gain and visualize received signal on Spectrogram.
I tried to add block named binary file sink and I am able to record the file. But unfortunately I can not find any documentation regarding its format.
Any help is appreciated.

My guess with be that a “File IO/Binary File Sink” would output a binary file. So if the input to the block was complex then the saved file would be In-phase and Quadrature pairs, with no separator.
I1Q1 I2Q2 I3Q3 I4Q4 …
This is sometimes refereed to as a .cfile.

But I’m only guessing.

Thank you!
To remove guessing, I installed gnuradio.
But it is better to get the file format described in Pothos documentation.